Adrian Hernandez began his passion for competitive sports at an early age after training in Coolidge, AZ for the Junior Olympic Men's 4x100m relay and then became an undefeated State Champion in the 100m sprint. A year later, he qualified for the NJCAA National Men's 100m sprint.

Adrian founded Hernandez Performance in 2016 after 10+ years of Coaching and Programming for over 500 athletes in two Crossfit gyms, and some of Phoenix's very own Professional Boxers. Having recently competed at the World Police and Fire Games in Fairfax, VA he applied and tested his theories of competitive programming and training, successfully placing in 3rd place. Aside from fitness, Adrian is a proud Father, Firefighter Captain, Crossfit Competitor, Coach and Professional Boxing Cutman.

OUR Mission

Hernandez Performance engineers competitive programming for athlete's looking to develop and expand their potential. Unlike other programming options, we focus on precise movements and training systems that propel the development, performance and strength of our athletes. 

OUR Method

We extrapolate different theories from industry standouts such as Matt ForemanPoliquinJames FitzgeraldVladimir Zatsiorsky, and Fleck and Kraemer to engineer a custom program that develops the mechanics of our athlete's needs and goals. Hernandez Performance focuses on the whole athlete by refining their body energy system through the scientific foundation of Nutrition, Program Engineering, and Mental Preparation. Each program we design is developed for each client to meet their needs. In short, we don't copy and paste from other's design. We design your program just for you.

“Adrian Hernandez is an outstanding coach with an exceptional ability to work with a wide range of athletes. I highly recommend him for anyone who wants to improve their performance.”
— Matt Foreman, Catalyst Athletics, Iron Athlete Coach


  • Movement & Olympic Barbell Training
  • Foot Speed & Agility
  • Explosive Power Development
  • Strength Training
  • Competition Prep Programming
  • Fitness Triangle Concepts


  • Emphasis on Injury Reduction
  • Nutritional and Supplement Guidance
  • Mental Preparedness and Support

At Hernandez Performance, we track the progressions of every athlete on a weekly basis to modify and ensure our high-performance methods continue to meet your needs.