victor "el Nino" Castro, Professional Boxer

Two years ago, Victor Castro came to us looking to improve his strength and conditioning for an upcoming fight.

We focused on mobility, agility, and developing his dominate energy systems typically used in a boxing match by strengthening his anaerobic alactic power and endurance.

For his conditioning, we worked on quickening his movement patterns in a time sequence similar to his fights.  As a result, Victor is able to punch harder, last longer and recover quickly.

Today, Victor still trains with Hernandez Programming with an undefeated record of 17-0 and six knockouts. 

I’ve been in the best shape of my life since training with Hernandez Performance. He has a way of explaining the science behind his programs so that I know exactly what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. I like that his workouts are hard and challenging, even if they look easy at first.

— Victor Castro


Emily teamed up with Hernandez Performance in preparation for the 2015 Crush Games in Florida. 

We immediately began testing and working on her imbalances as an athlete while we waited for the workouts to be posted. Once the competition was announced, we engineered a plan that developed her strengths even faster and stronger, while paying close attention to her breathing and metabolic rate. 

As a result, Emily finished in 8th place in the Women's Pro Division and recently competed as a 2016 Rush Club Athlete.


I started training with Adrian because I had very specific goals. He designed a custom program to achieve them by building on my strengths and addressing both my physical and psychological weaknesses. I’m grateful for his knowledge and experience as a coach and for his unwavering confidence in me to push past my limits and beliefs.
— Emily Lilo

Alexis Zazueta Aceves, Professional Boxer

Alexis came to us in 2014 to shorten his recovery time in-between rounds and to increase his power.

We strategically implemented a weightlifting program that paid close attention to his body weight while remaining under the strict requirements of his weight class.

To increase his recovery time, we focused on developing his Anaerobic Alactic Capacity, and used foot speed intervals to increase his agility.

Alexis still trains with Hernandez Performance and maintains an undefeated record of 9-0, with five knockouts.





To arrive ready to fight, I have to constantly push myself to the limit during training to build up speed, power, and accuracy. Training with Adrian has been a big part of my success and victories.
— Alexis Zazueta Aceves